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Meet Malarie

I'm Malarie - a dedicated people person focused on providing expert advice to small businesses that is typically only available to large corporations. I love all things HR as much as I love my community and this is my gift to give back. 

I'm a fun loving HR professional and management coach with a big personality who wants to share my expertise and knowledge with you.


I spent the early part of my career in banking, climbing my way up the ladder while working toward my Accounting degree and then Master's degree in Human Resources Management. People is what attracted me to the work of HR. I realized that the HR practice is about the bridge between the company and people. - I wanted to make a difference. 

My journey brought me to the construction industry after working in banking for 8 years. I spend just over 5 years in the construction industry leading the HR department of a large concrete company. 

I didn't become interested in coaching until I became a first time manager. This was scary for me, having learned the concepts throughout my education but never practicing my management style. 

Through the coaching process, I better mastered my management style and became the manager I wanted to be. I could identify what worked for me and my team and created a wonderful culture within my HR department. ​

Today, I have over a decade of HR experience, in my local community, holding my SHRM-CP and HRCI-SPHR representing my dedication and knowledge to the HR field. I am also a Board Certified Coach through the Center for Credentialing & Education.

I look forward to meeting you!


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