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Exclusive Coaching Services

I offer coaching services to first-time managers, and HR professionals needing a boost. Coaching is a partnership between the coach and client. During the coaching process the client will work closely with me (the coach) to identify roadblocks, set goals, and achieve these goal through action steps. We use a variety of exercises to find opportunities for the client and build a strong foundation for true change.

HR Recharge Coaching

Human Resources professionals were put through the ringer since 2020 - and years before that. HR can be a thankless job at time, triggering a quick burnout. This coaching package gives back to you - recharges your energy. Find out how to fill your cup, rid yourself of energy drainers, and be the best you can for the people who need you.

Leadership may come naturally for some, but management does not always follow. People are promoted to a greater position because of their exceptional ability to do their job. That does not always translate into being a good manager. With this coaching package, clients will find their own leadership style to ensure retention within the department and company.

Manager Coaching

How do coaching packages work?

  1. Complementary 30 -Minute Discovery Session

  2. 90-Minute Client Introductory Session

  3. Weekly, One-Hour Sessions Via Zoom or In Person

  4. 12-Total Weeks of Coaching - Work through roadblocks, create goals, set action items, complete proven assessments, and crush goals.

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